Riot Bears

A while ago a friend was hosting a charity event and wanted raffle prizes, as the event was to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital I thought a bear would be a good idea, better than that, since the children inspiring this event were twins I made two. The event was called Children Of Rock I wanted to use a quite dark/deep yarn.

Enter the Riot Bears

The yarn I used was called Riot (aaah now the name makes sense) Lots of people loved them and I made a few more for friends.

Then I decided that I would make them for sale, enter CE testing, well it turned out that the original yarn was beyond my means to use due to the manufacturers wanting more than I can justify for the chemical migration certificates so I needed to find a new yarn. This was easier said than done. Once I had E-mailed yarn manufacturers, joined CE testing groups, and eventually compiled my list of possible yarns I had to make up some bears to see how the yarn would work.

Yeeeeeee, not so well. Now, I will never admit this out loud, and don’t tell him, but Crochet Widower’s choice stylecraft merry go round was perfect, well not quite, I wanted darker colours but they grew on me. Mery Go Round comes in twelve colourways and I will be making bears in each one, I also added movable joints to the original design. I CE tested Starburst so my photos are of torture victims.



As you can see, even using the same yarn the bears are different colours, this is because of the self striping yarn, to replicate a bear exactly would mean hunting through the entire ball of yarn for the exact spot in the colour repeat to start, and even then things are not guaranteed, so each bear is unique.


As you can imagine making bears takes time, and these bears are extra special. From their movable limbs to the uniqueness of the colourways, Riot bears are made to be special, to be kept, to be loved.


If I manage to sit and crochet a bear in one sitting (I have kids, lets be reasonable here) each bear would take three hours to make, I have decided to price bears at £7.40 an hour, I feel this is a fare price for my time.


Candy Crush



Starburst (should be Opal Fruit)


With materials, eyes, joints, yarn, and filling, I am charging £30 for a bear with free P=P. You can find my ready to ship bears in my Etsy store, or, of you would like a specific colourways (remembering that individual bears can not be replicated) Email me ( ) and we can work out time frame.

That’s it for now, more colours coming soon.


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