Picot Edge Stitch

Unlucky for some #13, Picot edge stitch   I always feel a little awkward with picots, no idea why because it is a really easy stitch and has great impact.   I’m thinking the stituary is boring but really can’t think of a way to liven things up, sorry. TTFN Advertisements

Berry Lace Stitch

oooh a dozen #12 Berry Lace Stitch   I’m not keen on this stitch, it’s easy enough but because of the way crochet works you can’t get the pattern repeats to actually line up and that spoils it for me, but then we all know I am fussy. TTFN

The Marielle Lace Stitch

Stitch number 9; The Marielle Lace Stitch   There is a nice flow to this stitch pattern, and I do love anything that uses more than one stitch, but it’s just not as good as last weeks. I think I have been spoiled for ever. TTFN

Shell Wave Stitch

Number 7 The Shell Wave Stitch   I rather like this one, I’m not sure what I’d use it for it but is nice to work, it have a good rhythm to it and is easy to work while watching Supernatural. TTFN

Dew Drop Stitch

Six weeks (well 7 but I skipped one) Dew Drop Stitch   I don’t like the look of this stitch, but then that’s just opinion, and I am not sure about the instruction for teh first row, I seem to have gone a bit funny with the turning chain.  Easy enough to work up and fast…

The Filet Crochet Mesh Stitch

Stitch number five The Filet Crochet Mesh Stitch   This is not a new stitch to me as I have done a few pieces of filet before, I have to admit it is much easier with DK than thread (maybe I should have tried it in DK before doing The Hellions curtain), nice and quick to…

Puff Stitch

#4 Puff stitch   Ooops I used the same yarn as last time, I blame The Hellions. Nice for a bit of understated texture, but I never was understated, I prefer bobble stitch. 😉   TTFN

Box Stitch

Three weeks in and we have Box Stitch. Not my favorite stitch to be fair, it looks nice and I can think of a few ways to use it, but I do not like working in to a chain, it’s just too slow, unless I am doing it wrong and someone tells me how “derp”…

Boxed Shell Stitch

Stitch number 2 in the New Stitch a Day archives is Boxed Shell Stitch, who would have thought adding a row between shells would make so much difference, well someone obviously, not me mind. Another super easy stitch, all you need to be able to do is DC/TRC, ch, and work into a chain. This is actually…

Shell Stitch

Stitch number 1 in the New Stitch a Day archives is Shell Stitch, not a new stitch to me but I do love a system so I’ll be working my way through the archive. Super easy stitch, all you need to be able to do is DC/TRC, ch, and work into a chain. That is…

Let’s Get This Party Started

Some of you will remember that I have been looking for a challenge, you may also remember that I was having problems because most materials I found considered my skill level to be expert I have chosen New Stitch A Day for my stitchionary challenge, it’s free, online, and I have used it before. This is…