About me

Hello, how are you? good I hope. I am ItchyCrochet, OK, my name is Amanda but there are millions of Amanda’s out there so it’s easier to be remembered as Itchy.

I crochet, a lot, I mean really if I am not crocheting I am thinking about crochet, for example when I am at the gym and hold the heart rate bits on the equipment my pulse raises when I think about crochet, not even the long suffering husband Crochet Widower gets that response.

Getting in the way of my crochet time Occupying a large part of my life and love are The Hellions, Geek Girl who is 7 and is all about the creepy these days and The Clone who is a drama queen at age 10. You will notice I post about them now and again, but it’s OK I don’t post anything they won’t be embarrassed about in ten years.

I have been crocheting for mumbletey years now but really started crocheting when The Clone was a baby and MIL gave me an amigurumi supplement from one of her knitting magazines. I  started making amis from Mr funky’s for friends and family, this lead to a mammoth make when MIL spent a prolonged period in hospital and all the nurses wanted amis too (I think it was twenty in the end). This is how the Itchy Frog came to be, he was my first pattern alteration. By the end of 2011 following the arrival of Geek Girl I had written my first pattern, The Nativity was a work of necessity as I could not find a Nativity pattern that was just right, a good friend convinced me to publish the pattern on Ravelry.

I now have 90 crochet patterns under my belt, some paid, some free, all available in US and UK terms. There are several factors that dictate whether a pattern is free of paid, why I am making the item is a decider such as Liz’s gloves which were made because I needed some fingerless gloves in a rush, or the elves and snowmen that were initially made to sell at a December craft fair. Most of my free patterns are made on a whim with stash yarn but they are ALL powered by Netflix and tea (well you can’t spell pattern with out T), Pattern ideas are running around in  my head all the time and I am open for suggestions pop along to my social sights to read all the chatter




or visit my store for patterns gifts and kits


If you wanted to buy me a cup of tea to help fuel the free pattern writing process I have a handy button

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