The End is Nigh

This will be a blog post full of links, brace yourself.

I have been unhappy with the amount of sales and interaction I have been getting as Itchy for a while, this lead to the rather ill advised idea that along with leaving Etsy I would also leave Ravelry and have all pattern sales redirected to my own E-store. This did not go well AT ALL, it turns out that Ravelers do not like going to strange (internet) places to get their patterns and Etsyers don’t even know the rest of the internet exists so sales hit the floor. This made me sad.

I made the even less advised decision to boost a Facebook post, lol, what that actually did was make an entirely new post on Instagram that you could not see from my profile and fill it up with meaningless likes (because it made me look less popular when folk looked at the visible post it had less likes than usual) and spam folk on Facebook that didn’t want to see my crochet leading to an increase in negative interactions that caused the whole pages visibility to hit the deck like it was in a 70s cop show.

So off I went to the solace in a designer group over at Ravelry, where, for the most part, I was given some very good advice (and some ridiculous advice like to make sure my patterns were well written, doh). Yes I cried while writing a post about giving up the thing I love, but I put so much of myself in to social media to show the world I am a person and that my designs take time (and money) to make, and that I deserve to be seen, complimented, and paid (all be it a teeny amount).

All of the advice has led me to a different path, I am not quitting, but I will not be spending so much of my energy begging for attention (well, eventually I won’t). So the first thing to change is that I am now back on Ravelry AND Etsy (though physical items will be disappearing), I have a Ravelry group for CALs, Test calls, discounts, and chat. Speaking of CALs, there is going to be an Inchoate CrochetAlong, this will start on the 7th of March, will run for a month, will include an exclusive new outfit or Inchoate, and includes a discount for participants.

So, all is good, Itchy is going nowhere, well…. actually… the blog will be going. It is a lot of work writing a blog every week that, quite frankly, very few people actually read. I am giving up more and more of my personal life just to fill a weekly blog, yes The Hellions are hilarious, yes we do SOME fun stuff, but when we are having an adventure I am constantly thinking of how I can turn it in to a blog post just to fill a post. The blog and E-store cost money that I would rather spend on yarn, so they have to go.

All is not lost, I will be writing a MONTHLY news letter, with sneak peeks at upcoming patterns, news about CALs, information about tests, and discounts, yes, discounts, but only if you subscribe to the news letter. The news letter will have less of my personal life in it but that will give me time to HAVE a personal life.

There are other things I will be doing, that are still a little out of focus but I have a list and I am working through it rather than stomping on head first without thinking. There may be one or two more blog posts just to catch the people who missed this one but by the 1st of March I will stop writing posts and eventually the blog and E-store will vanish.

Don’t forget about the Mystery Blip on sale for half price while it’s identity remains a mystery.

Mystery Blip.jpg

So long and thanks for all the fish.



4 thoughts on “The End is Nigh

  1. I have liked your post ~ in the hope others will follow my lead and read it !!
    What a rollercoaster of a post … I went from depths of despair ~ I know exactly how hard it is to follow a crafting dream, when you wrote of your despair of trying to find the right medium to take your business forward I felt your anguish, yet felt a glimmer of hope when you introduced your newsletter ( subscription done )
    I for one will feel your loss, I may not always interact with your posts but I do read them & I’m sure others will miss you
    I wish you EVERY success for your newsletter & hope you find a way to make your presence felt in the crafting community
    Take care xx


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