Cascade Pacific Chunky

I crocheted so very little last week, a lot of my time has been spent writing up the pattern for the Bed Jacked (that still doesn’t have a quirky name)and I’m still not done and on Thursday Geek Girl as singing at the Manchester Arena  as part of the Young Voices school choir. I took binoculars and spent most of the night staring at Geek Girl and fighting the urge to run across the stadium and hug her, she looked so small and young but at the same time so grown up and independent, kids are confusing. Oddly the highlight of the evening was when we picked teh kids up from school Geek Girl told me she had seen me come in to the stadium “and I saw you, a gray dress and orange headband, the black bit confused me until I worked out it was your binoculars”, really I am a big woman(for a short woman any way) but wow, that kids has some amazing eyesight.

2018-01-25 18.28.14.jpg

I would like to tell you all about Cascade Pacific Chunky , it is about £5.49 a 100g skein, it is a 60/40 acrylic/wool blend, and is amazing, it is soft, light, and oh so fluffy. I used it to make the Rainbow Dash Blanket 

Rainbow dash 6.jpg

This blanket is now owned by Geek Girl and the photos of her reading on the couch are not JUST because she makes the blanket look good, this blanket is snuggled in bed, used to build tents, it’s the setting for carpet pick nicks, and is the main component to all movie watching, in short this blanket gets dragged about A LOT. All of that dragging about means lots of washing, the Pacific is impressive and withstands a lot of punishment. I am not know for my delecate treatment of laundry, in fact the reason Geek Girl demanded this blanket was that The Clone has a (badly) quilted blanket I made but since I accidentally boiled their crochet blankets Geek Girl doesn’t have a made by me blanket. The Rainbow Dash had been through the wash (40 degrees not 90) and the dryer on high, apart from some slight pilling it is none the worse for it, it is still soft and fluffy, still holds it’s shape, and still gets dragged around by my independent mummy’s girl.






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