How Do You Keep Tension?

OK, I have seen a tension holding technique that, to me, seems really odd and I would like you to shed some light on how it works.

When I am crocheting I hold my yarn like this


The yarn slides over my index finger (I have a friction burn scar now) and I stop it from “sagging” with the bottom two fingers


I hold my worth with my thumb and middle finger, I do not need to repossession my hand, fingers or yarn (well, I do need to turn when working flat but you know what I mean) at any point while I crochet it all just slides.

Recently I have seen videos of folk crocheting holing the yarn wound around their index finger.


Now, as the stitches are formed the yarn has to be unwound from the finger, and once all of the yarn is unwound more has to be wound on.

I see a problem with this method, other than conservation of energy, when it comes to different sized stitches. So, you hold your hand in it’s most natural position and that gives you enough yarn to make a SC/DC (US/UK) but what about the HDC/HTRC? that would need your finger to be further away from your work, DC/TRC would be a real issue.

Speaking of  conservation of energy, having to rewind yarn on my finger would make crocheting very stop motion. It really can’t be relaxing and automatic this way.

Do you wind the yarn around your finger? Tell me how it works, educate me.





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