Birthdays and More Hats

So last week had me making The Clone an emergency hat as all she had was one of Geek Girls shop bought AGE 3-4 hats, how? I have made The Hellions a million and twelve hats so where are they? luckily I had a bit of chunky yarn left over from a previous project so made her a hat in an afternoon, I must love her because she asked for “two pompoms like ears” as I kissed her in to school.


2017-12-12 15.50.20.jpg

Then, on seeing Geek Girls super chunky hat a school mum friend asked for hats for her boys, as they are my favorite boys, so polite, and The Hellions have decided they are going to marry one each there was nothing for it but to order yarn and set too. The super chunky yarn made them quick to work up and Geek Girls posing makes it all worth while.


As you may know it was Dolly’s birthday on Saturday so we popped out to see her and give her her place holder present as I haven’t finished her actual present yet, I managed to get my birthday presents early because I am that good. Dolly made my birthday presents (sewing is quicker than crochet, that’s my story and I am sticking to it)

I have a twirly skirt

2017-12-17 11.17.29-2.jpg
and an amazing tunic top that makes me look rather slim

2017-12-18 13.29.06

As an added bonus she used her own measurements and as they both fit lovely I can raid her wardrobe and it will all fit (pity about the shoe size though).


Since it is the birthday limbo until Thursday I have a discount code for 20% off all patterns type happybirthdayblog in at checkout.



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