Teeth, Snow, and Hats.

I have no memory, on Monday I had an appointment at the ophthalmology (easier to type than say) department and a dentist appointment on Tuesday, I got up earlier than usual on Monday to get my hair washed before my dentist appointment (do you see what’s happening here?) checked the time of the appointment on the card and realized it was on Tuesday, sighed and worked on a hat for the rest of the day, it was Thursday before I checked when my ophthalmology (copy and pasted that time) appointment was that I realized what I did and had to re book.

At the dentest I had a huge tooth removed that a) I had cracked while grinding my teeth and 2) was getting pushed in to the nerve as I grind my teeth giving me a headache and making me grind my teeth. Oh it was a big one, with roots all splayed out, it took ages for teh dentist to get it out and is cracked the bone, I pulled a bone splinter out of my gum on Thursday night. Once it all settles down though I’ll be able to grind my teeth like an angry wood chipper with ease.

With Christmas coming up The Hellions decided I needed to make hats for their teachers, they chose the yarn, they chose Hayfield Bonus Buzz. Buzz has a really short colour change and I could not make it look good so I swapped out the ones I could with stash and left poor Mr L with a hat I am not entirely happy with


I mean look at it, I could not find a pattern repeate, oh how I tried, I know there must be one as Ravelry have projects of planned pooling, Ravelry have six pages of Buzz looking good in a pattern. I could not make the other colours look good either, Mr L is a good sport so it should be OK and he won’t scowl at me for teh next three years.

Mr M’s hat worked out best and is based on my Lagen HatI must say it looks better on Geek Girl than it does on me

Miss J’s hat used a pattern, I scoured the internets for a pattern that would look good with Buzz I found Jo Dee by Rohn Strong it is $6 (£4 something) and quite frankly addictive. It is shaped with short rows and is very intuitive once you get going, I will be finding a batter yarn and making more hats as it does not look good in Buzz, the short colour change hides the short rows. I decided Merry Go Round wold work better, and it did, but the ball The Clone chose was too light to do justice to the short rows.


I am really not good at selfies. The last hat was for Emma, she is teh owner (I use the term loosely) of The DOGta Donna’s best friend and all round bad influence Bella. Emma loves handmade things, I am working on getting her to learn to crochet, I’ll break her one day, she is also rare in that she understands the work involved so drops hints but doesn’t expect to get free stuff every other day. Because she listens to me as we walk out dogs I decided she needed a new hat (also because she is proper nesh)


I am handing it to her this morning but I know she will love it, her tastes are basically unicorn on drugs.

Now that that’s over and my yarn arrived I am back to the bed coat with no name with added “how will I photograph the instructions?”


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