When I Grow Up

OK, so, officially I have not grown up but we shall pretend for this blog.

I had ides regarding what being a grown up was all about when I was a child (I won’t say little because I still am quite little) some if it was correct, some of it… not so much.

When I grow up…

… I will eat chocolate for breakfast.
Well, like, I CAN, if I want to, but really I like my fry up these days, and a cup of early gray tea. My guilty breakfast these days though is cold pizza

…I will be a teacher, a clown, or a teddy bear.
I am none. I tried teaching a little bit, just the easy parts as a nursery assistant, and even THAT amount of bureaucracy did me in. I hate clowns they freak me out, people in the big suits like a sponge bob suite are worse, I mean loooooook


Creepy, how do you know what is going on in there???


…I will have a quiet house.
So, you may know I have four siblings, AND, we were the house everyone was at all the time, so life was loud. Most of the time I didn’t care, I was part of the noise but now and again, when I wanted quiet, I had to go out. I still don’t like going out much, I mean I live in Cheshire we get a lot of rain around here, there are also people out there.
So the grand plan was to have a nice quiet place to call my own. As it turns out, two kids make as much noise with their friends around as five did, who knew?

…I will rule the sciences.
As I got older and my career choices got a little more realistic I decided my love of science was going to make me rich (hahahahaha). As I headed to collage to study Physics, Chemistry, and human biology I was going to rule the world or find a cure for cancer or feed teh hungry or something. I actually left collage and never used any of that knowledge again. I drifted from horticulture to business admin, Child care to bar work, flashing (mobile phones, actual job title, look it up) small animal care. I did it all, I have now been designing for seven years and this is the longest I have done the same thing for.

… I will be tall and be able to reach the top shelf in the kitchen.
This was a big deal you know, I really thought I’d be tall, why I thought this I will never know, I am descended from leprechauns. I am five foot two inches short, so not bad but not tall. My inlaws have all decided that The Hellions will be tall (again no idea why only MIL is tall) but according to the height at eighteen months (twenty for for boys) and double it Geek Girl will be my height and The Clone will have an inch on me.

…I will be sooooo cooool.
OK, I am cool in a geek kind of way, and I know there are people out there that wish they could be like me. I got the dreadlocks I so desperately wanted. I do have the freedom to dress how I like, but, the clothes I wanted to ware back then would not look good on my old lady body so there was a great deal of searching to get the cool look that looked cool.

Then and Now.jpg

I will win competitions.
Really I never won anything, except a dancing competition at St Boniface’s Christmas party, we were dancing to Come On Eileen and I was the only one actually dancing on the dance floor, I won a big bag of sweets that I shared with the brothers that were with me at the time. See? I win so little I remember great detail when I DO win. So if you would pop over to Amigurumi.net  and vote for the three Inchoate patterns that would be lovely. See how I snuck that in there?  that’s worth a vote on it’s own. There is also a raffle prize for a voter so extra incentive.

In Crochet news, I have my army of testers working on the Rainbow Dash blanket, join teh Facebook group if you would like to test future patterns.  I am working on the bed jacket pattern and a doll pattern that I think you will LOVE. The Hellions have demanded hats for their teachers and chose yarn with a really short colour change that I simply can not make look good.



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