Nothing to do with Manchester this time, MC1R is the gene responsible for ginger hair.

I am telling you this because one of The Clone’s friends pointed at Geek Girl in the playground and said “Why doesn’t SHE have ginger hair?”, so there’s me giving a lecture in recessive genes in the playground and half past eight in the morning. This, combined with the cries of “ginger people will become extinct if they don’t breed together” is why I am going to tell you all about recessive genes.

Genes come in pairs as a general rule, you get one copy from your mum and one from your dad, I will concentrate on the ginger gene in my examples (promise you’ll love this). A ginger person has two MC1R genes so can only pass on MC1R genes, buuut, non gingers can have the gene AND YOU COULD NEVER KNOW, you know except if there are beardy, beards only need the one gene That’s why you see so many men with brown hair and ginger beards.

Ginger 1

As you can see, I have two ginger genes and Crochet Widower has the one. Each time I got pregnant I passed a ginger gene to my baby.

Ginger 2

With each pregnancy Crochet Widower has a 50/50 chance of passing along the ginger gene. If the ginger gene is passed on from Crochet Widower we get The Clone.

Ginger 3

Remembering that gingers have two ginger genes so I only have ginger genes to pass on.

Ginger 4
But Crochet Widower could pass on a brunette gene, which is bossier than the ginger gene and only needs the one gene to be passed on to show in the hair.

Ginger 6


In that case we get Geek Girl. I had a 50/50 chance of having a ginger baby, but with non ginger couples it’s a 75/25 (one in 4) chance

Ginger 7

and that is how “The milk man’s child” came to be, the ginger gene gets passed on by one parent at a time for generations then POW, two ginger genes and “be we don’t have any gingers in our family”. This is also how we know gingers will not be extinct any time soon, you can breed out the brunettes, you can breed out the blonds, but a red head will crop up when you least expect it.




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