It’s That Time of Year Again.

If you have been reading my blogs for a while you’ll know I’m not a big fan of Christmas, you’ll also know my birthday is only four days before Christmas, these two facts are not related, no, really, I used to beg The Orical for a BIG present between my birthday and Christmas but she wouldn’t do it, she wanted to keep my birthday separate from Christmas. What did bother me was Dolly’s birthday being five days before mine, like, why does she always get her day first??? I didn’t even THINK about Christmas until after my birthday until I had The Hellions (you just can’t leave it that late with kids). I don’t send Christmas cards, Crochet Widower will put my name on the cards to his family but my family know better, honestly they are lucky when they get a birthday card, and really lucky when I don’t phone first thing and sing Happy Birthday down the phone to them.

I accidentally saw the Debenhams Christmas advert yesterday and am still wondering who full on snogs someone for finding their shoe when they are not on their third bottle of cheap wine? I don’t get excited about Christmas adverts (I don’t watch TV really, I Netflix and Amazon Video most things), I tried Christmas crafts once, won’t be doing that again. I would rather not decorate, Crochet Widower does it, I spend a month hating the clutter then another month thinking things look empty once they are back in their boxes.

And don’t get me started with gifts, OK Geek Girl is easy to buy for mostly this year she wants a ouija board and squishies, The Clone is harder because she’s flighty at best and a hair and makeup child and I never know how to let her be her without letting her go over the top and end up looking like a lady of the night (not be be confused with Geek Girls vampire tendencies). I, personally, have trouble with receiving gifts, a small token that cost little but is really me is OK, I can handle that, but when people spend much more than pocket change on me I feel guilty, I have no idea why, I don’t have low self esteem by any stretch, but I just don’t think I deserve large amounts of money spending on me, this took years of explaining to the inlaws before they stopped going over the top.

Saying all of that I really do need to think earlier about Christmas, I managed a pattern earlier in the year so it was available to make in time.

12 days of christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas wall hanging 

See? it’s ace, but then I forget to publicize my self, I forget to big up the Christmas patterns.

Elf 2

Inchoate has six Christmas suitable outfits.


I have custom slots for Christmas Amigurumi in my physical item store.

There really is no reason I have only just added a Christmas category for my pattern store, I had one from the start for my physical store. You may want to buy a kit for a friend, you may want to crochet something for a relative, or just treat your self, but for some reason I find it so hard to make it easy for you to pick my patterns and kits. What’s that all about???




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