A Blog Post With A List

So, I need to write a blog post, I could do with it being entertaining, but The Hellions have been off school for a week so I have not had an individual thought in that week. I’ll cheat, I shall give you a list of my life rules, they are my rules and you don’t have to follow them, you don’t even need to read them.


1 ) Always take the trolley/basket from the longest line/stack at the supermarket, this helps keep the lines/stacks even.


2) Always put the trolley/basket back in teh shortest line/stack for exactly the same reason as above.


3) If you say of spell a thing wrong repeate it five times to help it stick in your head, this does not work with The Hellions who still say “may you open my …?” despite the times I say “May I, will you” at them.


4) Always keep things in the same place so you can find them next time you want them, I keep blue tack in an old ashtray on the shelf next to the computer so when I want so I know to ask The Hellions where they have put it.


It’s not a small lump either


5) To remember to drink more water and to take meds at lunch have an alarm on your phone every two hours, this will lead to a fun day of dismissing alarms and still only remembering your lunch meds at seven.


6) Start publicizing your Christmas Crochet Goodies quite early, not just on the blog post you are struggling to write.



7) Don’t forget about the crochet patterns either.


8) Always have at least three games on the go, games are like WIPs, the more the merrier. Currently I play Hearthstone, Zombie Castaway, and my newest game is Block Blast, like all games I am rather bad at Block Blast but the blocks have really cute faces that make me feel like they don’t mind that I am so bad.


9) Never think about the amount of any given yarn you have, this makes it more fun when you start a big project and as it grows so does the realization that you will need to spend about £70 to actually finish it.

2017-10-28 22.06.57.jpg

10) always leave lists on a good number, multiples of 5 or 10 are the only acceptable  numbers.





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