Things That Make Me Happy

I may have mentioned that I have recently rethought my design process, this has left me in a bit of a funk as I don’t do change well, I’ll get out of it, but in the meantime here are ten little things that make me smile.

1) Cutlery; “what? really?” yes, you see I have rainbow handled cutlery. Now, the odd thing about the cutlery situation is that **I** don’t care if mine match, everyone else in this house does but I do not. Buuuut when I grab a matching set it makes me happy and when I grab a grey one and one that matches my accent colour for the day that also makes me happy.


2) When I take the laundry out of the dryer and leave all six dryer balls in there. They usually get stuck in sleeves or pockets to be found when I fold the laundry.


3) How The Clone’s face has never changed, she has looked the same for eeevvvveeerrr.


4) How Geek Girl looks like a totally different child than she was four years ago.


5) This face, just look at it.

2017-10-08 14.20.35

6) Kelly the dactosaur, so The Clone has a tendency to miss hear things, badly, She has been singing about  Kelly the dactosaur’s birthday in french for years now, I finally googled what she could possibly be going on about, she has been asking “what date is your birthday?”

7) Don’t tell Geek Girl but when she sings here favorite song.
**not for the faint of heart**

***probably best just to skip this bit***


8) I miss hear things a lot, especially when Crochet Widower is watching motor racing, I find myself trying to listen to the cars AND the commentary and end up hearing phrases that really have nothing to do with motor racing and this makes me giggle to myself.

9)The pictures on my walls. The “firsts” and particularly well done pictures go in clip frames for all to see, what makes me happy is that The Clone accepts that all art goes on display so just sticks hers up herself (it stays up for about a month then it goes in a frame or in the “special things” box). Geek Girl has decided to start putting her art on the wall but it’s all origami at the moments so isn’t displayed best on the wall.

10) Crochet. Crocheting, looking at patterns, looking at things made form patterns, spotting it on TV, things I wouldn’t make but you love, things I love but will never get around to. Just crochet.

2017-01-29 13.39.46

Before I go this is a quick reminder that I have a crochet testers group on Facebook (not crochet testes groap) click here to join, I will be looking for amigurumi testers soon so get in on the ground floor.




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