Test Crocheters

I haven’t used test crocheters for ages, thankfully I have a appalling memory so have to follow my own patterns any way. There are a few very good reasons I don’t use test crocheters but I am changing the way I design and may need them soon enough.

The first time I asked for test crocheters was for the Skater Dress I had five test crocheters all rearing to go, they were happy with my deadline, glad to get a free pattern (the chances of major errors are slim at the test stage), and enthusiastic about sending me feed back. This was in 2012, the only feedback I have had is that UK standard paper size and US standard paper size are different and if you don’t know this printing the pattern can lead to missing lines. Not one line of text to say they had started, not a single “what does this instruction mean?”, nothing. I swore I would never use a test crocheter again.

There have been relapses (like never doing a craft fair again) and every set of test crocheters have been the same, take the pattern and run. Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough what I wanted, maybe I should have bigged up the “free pattern when you finish” aspect, maybe, maybe, maybe.

I did have luck with one pattern, great luck, maybe it was luck maybe it was the fact that THIS group had a FB group to chat in who knows. Unfortunately this pattern was Shelf Life and I never did get her head right.

Shelf life no more head

I also handed out a bunch of free patterns for pricing feed back and this was a success, maybe because I didn’t need anyone to actually crochet anything just look at the pattern and decide if it was worth teh price I was asking.

So, I have not had much luck with test crocheters, but like I said, I am changing my design process and am going to need testers soon ish, do you want to be a tester? would you actually test the pattern? there will probably be a free pattern at the end for you. If you do pop over to the newly formed test crochets FB group and keep an eye out for tests you would like to participate in.




6 thoughts on “Test Crocheters

  1. I’ve asked to join, I can’t guarantee that I will be available for every pattern, but I will do (and feedback) every pattern I agree to test. Last line of your post made me giggle a bit though! “Keep an eye out for “testes” you would like to participate in”


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