Ooh You Are Good

No, I’m not.

I have been making poppies for Dolly’s Crafter’s Sea of Poppies

You know you love my bad photos.

Dolly wants to cover the stairs to the shop in poppies for October and November. I have managed 20 so far and have been using This pattern which is a lovely pattern, well written and quite quick. I think I have done enough that I won’t need to follow the pattern if I manage to squeeze another 10 in.

I have also been making Daisies for Vicky

I am hoping to spend the day at the Crochetathon, but just in case I can’t I have managed 20 daisies so far. The daisies will be joined to make a blanket (maybe a couple) and the blanket (s) are being auctioned off to raise money for Victim Support in memory of Vicky Wynne-Jones.
Now, I have been told that I am really good for doing these things, these things so far represent four days in total, that is not much, especially since I crochet to relax (odd since it’s also my job) . I am not really good, none of these things were my idea, I have the Manchester Bee Bunting as my idea and that only took a couple of days of my time. There are people out there devoting 7 days a week to helping others, putting their own best interests aside to look after someone else, spending the little free time they have to make a stranger’s life a little easier. THEY are the good ones, they are the people who need praising, but, they won’t blog about it, they won’t brag about it, you won’t even know they deserve a bloody big hug and a thank you, but you do deserve it and I would like to thank you, you probably don’t even think I am talking about you but I am.

Thank you



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