Better Half

I am going to have a little rant now, I’ll try to keep it entertaining.

You see a lot on TV and movies here a couple get married and the speeches are all about “two becoming one” and being “two halves of a whole” and I really don’t get it. I mean I love Crochet Widower, we support each other, we are a team, but we are not the same person.

Becoming the same person would mean I had to go out and take photos of grids, not a joke, he does this, there are rules about these photos too. I would have to develop an unhealthy obsession with the new bridge, I shall add that I have so little interest in this bridge that I can not remember where it joins. My favorite drink would become real ale and I would make people taste new ales even though they just taste like ale.

In order to become halves one one whole Crochet Widower would need to develop (slightly) unhealthy attachments to fictional villains. He would ave to spend hours looking at crochet on teh internet and muttering about necklines and pocket placements. To complete this transformation Crochet Widower would need to drink tea by the bucket.

You see, we are two people working as a team, he will bring me beers to taste and I will tell him they taste like beer, I will tell him I have a crochet dilemma and he will say “you’ll work it out”, we will watch a comicbook related movie or tv show and I will tell him how they got it wrong, there will be a Starwars reference in what ever we are watching and he will tell me that it is a Starwars reference.

In our ten years of marriage we have not become one, we have not even developed the same interests (outside the ones we had from the start), I am not interested in grids and Crochet Widower is not interested in crochet, we are interested in each other. He listens to my crochet talk because it is ME talking, I look at photos of grids or the bridge because it is HIM showing me.

We are a team, when he needs help with a project, they usually involve computer internals, he will ask me to a thing and I do it. When I need a photographer he will take photos. We are two people.

That leads me to the work portion of events, Today (Monday) I CE tested a bear and franken sausage.


Now, it is not a requirement that you take photos for CE testing but I feel it just ads that little bit of evidence to back up the paperwork, this means that Crochet Widower has to help me out. There was twisting and tugging, dropping and squashing, singeing and spinning (in the washing machine).

I am happy to say that both passed with flying colours so I will be taking advance orders for Cabaret Bears, using my Riot Bear pattern and Stylecraft Cabaret,



and Christmas Ami, they will be slightly different from the pattern as I will be sewing eyes rather than using beads.


If you have visited my Web-store you will have noticed that I can not ship outside the EU, this is because of the toy safety requirements for different countries are different (that is a terrible sentence), in the US for example some states require you to pay a registration fee and the testes differ from state to state. Also my insurance does not covert me outside of the EU, I could get different insurance but since I still couldn’t sell toys outside the EU things would just get complicated.





2 thoughts on “Better Half

  1. That’s so lovely I just read it out loud to my husband! I’ve never liked that whole as one thing or the you complete me idea. Do you know the beautiful poem The Marriage by Kahil Gibran ? I print it and put it in every wedding card we give. Together but separate 🙂


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