Tapestry Crochet

A bit of a two fer this week, I’m all about being informative.


Last week I got my act together and published the Baby Bunnies Pattern

Baby bunnies.jpg

after years of Unhappy Bunnies I thought it was time for the cute version to be available.

I now have four patterns almost ready to publish, but for now I will give you a little “How To” on tapestry crochet.

Now, I have posted about colour change before so I won’t go into detail about that. The most important part of tapestry crochet is keeping your strands at the right tension, too slack and they poke through and show and snag, too tight and they distort your work, unfortunately the only way to get this right is to practice.

The next thing is to make sure you keep track of the wright and wrong sides of your work, I usually use the starting tale as a guide and have it on the right for my right side (complicated right? )

Quick recap for changing colour, work all of the colour changes like this that way you don’t gain or lose stitches and don’t have any two coloured stitches. Work the stitch before the new colour up to the last pull through (this works for all stitches) then pull teh new colour through and continue as normal.

Colour change 4 Tapestry front

Now, when using tapestry crochet hold the unused colour (and the tail of your first colour change) to the back of your work trying to match the tension of the fabric itself and crochet around the yarn anchoring it to the fabric AND hiding it (mostly)  from view.

When following a chart if you won’t need a colour until the next row stop working over it on the stitch below. Or if you have passed to point the colour will be needed again work one stitch over the strand then pick it up on teh next row and work over it until needed.

Tapestry back

This is what the back of your work should look like. Sticking to the same shade of colours is best at first as they don’t show through each other as much as a mix of lights and darks. As well as the bunnies The Twelve Days of Christmas also uses tapestry crochet.

That’s that for tapestry really, for the most part it’s a case of practice to get your tension right.

This week I also made some poppies for Dolly’s Crafter’s Sea of Poppies

2017-09-08 14.55.05.jpg

I have made ten so far but will make more over the next couple of weeks, I used tkalyan‘s Poppy for Remembrance Day and made up a leaf pattern myself. It’s a lovely pattern, easy to follow and super quick. Dolly needs loads of poppies as she want’s to cover the (very steep) steps outside the shop, and I love the idea of poppies coming form all over the world.

I am off to play with my For The Love of Yarn mini skein mystery yarn now that Crochet Widower has fixed the TV and I am no longer watching Netflix with the tablet propped on my knee.

2017-09-10 14.35.23.jpg





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