Going it Alone

I have not been entirely idle during the school holidays, we have had days out to VPX; a local free event to showcase sports, Geek Girl loves to have a go on the climbing wall.

I colored The Hellions’ hair with hair chalk

The Clone’s has not washed out, she will be going back to school with pink tips, ooops.

We went for trips out to the cinema,  the big cinema that is an hours bus ride away, usually Geek Girl falls asleep and I get to have long silly chats with The Clone. The cinema is in a large shopping center with a food court, and laser quest. It is the laser quest that got got Geek Girls attention, she was in love as soon as she realized what it was and that they had a climbing wall.

We had a great first go at laser quest but The Clone didn’t want a second go so, like the good parent I am, I left her sat outside with my phone on our second go, I did get karmic retribution for that when I was stalked by an eight year old and was repeatedly shot in the back BY AN EIGHT YEAR OLD. You are not allowed to run so I couldn’t run away from him, he just walked behind me like the Terminator, all of this after I was ditched by my seven year old.

One afternoon we went to the pub to see Baby Bro and The Orical (she brought Brother Reggie)


I worry about The Orical you know. They had a face painter and live music so The Hellions couldn’t have had more fun if they tried.

While all this was going The Hellions played out a lot, we are really lucky that we live in a quiet area with quite a lot of kids, and I started proceedings to move away from Etsy for my physical sales and have my digital patterns in one place. Oh what an adventure it has been, signing up for things that looked like they would do what I wanted them to do only to find out after days of swearing and contacting help lines that didn’t help that they didn’t do what I wanted them to do, managing with my limited coding skills to make buttons that wouldn’t like up and relying on the help of friends to fix things for me, and fix them they did, deleting plug ins after uploading sixty products only to realise that I needed the plug in for an important insurance reason and screaming that I would have to re do all of the work (I reinstalled the plug in and it all came back, phew), importing all of the blog posts from here over three days only to trash nine tenths of the posts when I decided to keep blog and store separate, uploading, formatting, theme picking, and I am done. You will notice my navigation bar has changed, this is to allow easy access to my stores should you wish pop over to the BIG BOLD STORE LINK .

I have now linked all of my Ravelry listings to the store so people can still upload projects, the Love Knitting patterns are still there as there is really no reason to remove them, but I will not be renewing any Etsy listings. Etsy have made it harder and harder to be seen without paying for advertising over the last few years and most of my traffic comes form my social media sites anyway. So here I am, going it alone, writing the last three (foreseeable) Inchoate patterns, getting rejected by magazines, getting the house properly clean now that The Hellions are back in school (The Clone is in her last year of primary school)




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