The Twelve Days of Christmas

Twelve Days of Christmas

Crochet pattern


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This is a relatively simple pattern using only one stitch, there is no increasing, no decreasing, nothing fancy at all. There is, however a lot of colour changing. There are 22 colours used (I tried to keep the number down) ranging from 2 m to 585, with 1055 m in total (The list is at the end of the post), but with nothing to think about other than the colour changes you will get in your flow in no time.

There are instructions for Colour changing included in the pattern, but feel free to visit my blog posts to get a feel for what you will be doing. I mostly used tapestry crochet but stranded will work just as well, go with your preferance.

Using a 4 mm hook and DK yarn each square is 7 inches by 7 inches.

12 days of christmas

Because there are little written pattern instructions involved in this pattern I have combined both the UK and US terms rather than writing two PDFs for a hand full of terms. The only stitch used in this pattern is the SC (US) DC(UK).

Insert hook in next st, pull yarn through, pull yarn through the two loops on the hook.

And there you go, short and to the point.

4 mm Crochet hook

Stylecraft Special 1055 m

White 585m

Kelly Green 57 m

Grass Green 3 m

Lime 56 m

Green 3 m

Mocha 9 m

Camel 14 m

Copper 13 m

Sunshine 22 m

Black 21 m

Silver 58 m

Matador 59 m

Grey 50 m

Sherbet 12 m

Cloud Blue 56 m

Lemon 16 m

Dark Brown 4 m

Graphite 3 m

Candyfloss 2 m

Apricot 5 m

Emperor 3 m

Meadow 4 m

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