I think I Am A Craft Supplies Snob

This weekend Crochet Widower had a rare Saturday off, so we jumped in to the car and headed over to Mostyn to have a look at Abakhan’s warehouse sale. The queue was rather long and it took an hour just to get in to teh warehouse, so The Hellions had an ice-cream and got their faces painted.







Once I was in, I had sent Crochet Widower and The Hellions to the play area out of my way, I struggled, I struggled to fill a £5 bag with fabric I liked, I struggled to find trimmings I would ever use, I struggled to find one single thing I could think of a use for, but OK this was a sale and everything was extremely reduced so it’s not going to be the most popular of stuff and I don’t have any sewing projects in mind and we all know I can’t feed stash.

But I do love yarn so I popped over to the yarn barn and didn’t feel compelled to buy any yarn, I was just so uninspired by the whole lot. Now, I am not sure if this is a “selection” issue or just that my crojo is missing but I couldn’t see one thing made from any of the yarn, they have a large enough selection but for all that I have five projects in my head at the moment nothing felt right,

So I gave up, with a quick pass through the hobby section for CE info about an idea I am having (that may not need CE testing but it pays to be prepared) we headed out to Llandudno beach, it took a while but The Hellions swept away all of my disappointment (I think it’s me I was disappointed in) and after playing in the see, spotting jellyfish, and heart shaped worm poo, we all had ice-cream and with the promise of going back with swimming costumes soon we went in search of food while The Hellions fell asleep in the car.



Next week “The Adventures of Margo The Shop Dog”





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