Shelves And Missing Crojo.

Though my crojo has been a little lacking of late I have managed to finish the first of teh (probably) last three Inchoate hoodies, I had to make a start on this one earlier than planned as Geek Girl wanted this specific hoodie to give to her teacher at the end of the school year.


I decided that my crojo was missing due to lack of organisation, so bought some lovely fabric storage boxes to keep my yarn and such in, they hold much less than my original crates but get to live out in the open. I nearly gave up on Sunday, they hold so much less and I had to have such a big clear out, and Crochet Widower had to build extra shelves, and I just wanted to scream, but it’s all done now, and it’s lovely.

Sunday evening Dolly took us bowling for The Clone’s birthday, we were all so good we just got strike after strike and broke all of the records, or we were really bad, made a dent in teh floor and broke the buffer thing that lives in the gutter to help kids play, and got shouted at for going on to the lane to fix it. You guess which.


This week I will be getting on with the parasol, but I still don’t know what to call it,

I have hypnosis

Parasol 3


Psychosis 4

and Neurosis 

neurosis 1

So I really want a “osis” name, what do you think?



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