Little People Take Over Your Life

And I am not talking about The Hellions, First it was little amigurumis like the Snowmen


That spiraled on to woodland creatures 


There was even a devil to celebrate 666 likes on my Facebook page.

To see all of the little amigurumis check out the amigurumi section of the blog (there will be a bit of scrolling involved)

I got to the point where my ideas were getting complicated and increasingly difficult to make so had to draw a line under things. I have recently seen a designer that uses a stitch shifting technique to recenter the work, while that may work for some people it is too much thinking for me as a designer AND for patterns I follow, and some of the ideas for amigurumis would need too many instructions to avoid stitch shifting.

Then Inchoate came along and he was glorious in his simplicity

Gray 2

but, as they tend to do, things started to get complicated again, the Flower Fairies are an example

Flower Fairy set

As lovely as their wigs are they take far too much time and yarn for the simple idea of Inchoate the Ice Creams that came next were much better

Inchoate Ice Cream

Though things were still a little more complicated than I would like.

I now have three more designs in the design process to be published in October and then that will be it for Inchoate, I have some ideas for fun photos, stories, and adventures for Inchoate but I don’t think there will be any more patterns. But then we all know what I keep saying about craft fairs, so I could do a U turn at any moment.

There are parasols and lace shawls in the “will it work” stage, hats and scarves waiting to be thought about, some magazine submissions that never came to be that could self published, and maybe the amigurumis and inchoate published in one big e-book each. But for now I will finish these three Inchoate hoodies and see where my hooks take me next.


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