Oh What A Week

Last week I didn’t get much crocheting done, my OCD was going in to overdrive, you see we had a bathroom renovation. While the builders themselves were were well behaved and professional, and I knew the work needed doing (the bathroom was last DECORATED ten years ago) washing people was tricky, cleaning the house was pointless, this made me feel itchy all over, then the heat didn’t help, a job half done makes my brain itch even when it is totally impractical to expect things to be done in a day. The Dogta Donna has been sat on my lap eyeballing anyone who came through the house (there was shaking if they made too much noise) But it is all done now and normal is… not returning but changing, I have to get used to the new bathroom and work out where the books will live, they used to live above the toilet.

Not much got done in the way of crochet but I did manage a bit, but I am now having a designer crisis, I seem to have a triangle that I need to fit on to an umbrella frame that is a circle, and with the slow going it may be August before I am ready to publish, still that’ll give the northern hemisphere folk plenty of time to make one for next year.

The Orical gave me some Hooked Zpagetti that I had no idea what to do with, to the Bat Internet do da lo da lo da lo (cut scene to the Bat Cave) and I found a pattern for a pod basket thing the likes of which I have wanted to make for a while. I have never used T-shirt yarn before so was a bit hesitant, but actually it’s quite nice to work with and a little easier than other super chunky yarns I have used, things did get a little fun when frogging (because it helps to read the pattern and actually do as you are told) as it is very stretchy but elastic. The pattern itself if actually very good, but if you follow it I recommend actually reading it, maybe not trying to follow (any) the instruction on a very hot Sunday when chatting shiz and setting the world to rights. I have not one clue what I am going to put in this and I probably have enough yarn left for another, but I will be buying more for a laundry basket.





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