I Hope This Makes Sense

So, the internet has been down since Saturday but I know you are all dying to her all about our holiday, I will do my best.
We went to Flamingo Land in Yorkshire, we got lucky that a week of The Hellions school holidays fell off peak so we got a cheap break. As this was our first visit, and we didn’t know what to expect I booked three night (enough to explore but not too long if we got bored) 

This was the view from our tent, that Roller coaster there is Mumbo Jumbo, and for Geek Girl it was love at first sight, but more about that later.

We put the tent up in the rain, this was not just any rain this was Yorkshire rain, being from Cheshire this was nothing new but the outside of the tent was sticking to the inside, I was soaked to my undies, and had forgot spare shoes and the ones I had on squelched.

Here you can see how badly assembled the tent was, it was out by about a foot but it was shelter and it kept the rain out (the swimming pool that developed under the tent is another story).

That evening we went to The Club to watch the show, that turned out to be too young for The Hellions so we played in the arcade.

The Hellions met Rapunzel.

And I won a sheep (after £1) and a donut fridge magnet (that we won’t talk about the price of)

Day two was not quite as wet but after a few rides The Hellions and I went swimming while Crochet Widower took our clothes to the laundry and dried them. Geek Girls deviation to the water slide was a thing of beauty. Back to The Club that evening, I think next time (and there will be a next time) we will head to The Club later to skip the littlies show.

Our last day was glorious but as rain was forecast for the next day, and since e had to leave by 11 we decided to pack early so we could stay dry. So it was a day of rides, an interesting glimpse into the personal lives of lions (oh how Geek Girl found that hilarious) and packing the tent.

Now, this is the important but. Geek Girl was distraught, there were some rides we were not allowed to even look at, you see Geek Girl is 4 foot tall, and a lot of the thrill rides have a 4 foot and a bit min height, we explained why to her but… she is her mother’s daughter… she got upset just looking at the rides she was too short for.

God bless Mumbo Jumbo

Quite frankly this ride is terrifying, you go so slowly upside down that I was heard to shout “I hate this bit, I hate this bit” on one go, yes ONE go, we went on Mumbo 4 times on our last day. Geek Girl LOVED IT, there were rides just like the ones we went on at Guliver’s World a couple of months ago that we went on, but nothing compared to Mumbo for Geek Girl. It was on our first go on Mumbo that we met the Awesome Autumn, Autumn needs a mention, she is so cheerful and happy and nice and said hello to us just in passing, she let The Hellions stay on the Hot Air Balloons for a second go (everyone queuing got on, they didn’t push in) and that was the last ride of the day, she even told me to ask for her next time we visited.

I can’t tell how long this post is on my phone. I am shocked at the amount of words my phone thinks should be followed by “bloody”. Tomorrow (today for you) we are having a new bathroom fitted. I hope the internet is fixed soon, I miss Netflix.

Ok I can’t find my signature.


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