All The Fun of The Fair

OK Theme Park.

Saturday was Yarn Shop day, so naturally I ended up taking The Hellions to Guliver’s World . This was a spontaneous trip out, the kind of trip out I like, if I plan things I tend to over plan and am done with the whole idea before I even leave the house and with Guliver’s being so close to home (ten min drive) we can just decide to go. This weekend Guliver’s World had a food bank weekend, this meant that if you took some tinned/dried food for the food bank you only had to pay £11 (rather than £16.95).

Not only did we get discounted access it presented a nice opportunity to explain to The Hellions all about food banks (Link to our local food bank), mostly it was Geek Girl asking question as she is a sensitive soul, not that The Clone doesn’t care but she needs information in sound bites before something shiny or pink catches her eye. So I explained that some people, for lots of reasons, can not buy food (maybe just the once, maybe for a while) and since we have cupboards full of food AND money to go to a theme park for the day it is no big thing for us to donate a bit of food, we won’t miss those few tins but they could mean the world to someone else. I think they understood.

So off we went to have a day of ops and downs, Geek Girl was particularly excited as the last time we had the opportunity to go on a roller coaster she was too short, she was also devastated and cried (you know the quiet disappointed crying that breaks your heart) but Guliver’s is aimed at kids rather than die heard thrill seekers so the worse case scenario was that I had to ride with Geek Girl and since I wanted to go on those rides anyway it was no big deal.

The only reservation I had for the day was that The Clone would not want to go on any of the rides, you see she tends to be a bit over cautions (probably a control freak if I think about it) like Dolly, I was wrong, so wrong, apart from one ride where you lay down and are “flying” she was excited to go on all of the thrill rides.


After our day of fun we got the bus home and ordered pizza, then I noticed something funny, well more odd than funny. The day had been overcast, you know that cloud that is thinking about rain but never does? ye, that, all day. I got sunburned, not only through the clouds but THROUGH MY CLOTHES, I don’t have a photo but, there is a patch on my chest where I got the sun every day on the two min it too to get to work and back (four times a day as I went home for lunch) the summer I was pregnant with The Clone, this patch basically tells me that it is sunblock time as it goes red the second the sun comes out, but through my clothes is a new one.

We have had our practice day, we are not getting excited for Flamingo Land in four weeks. I hope they are ready for The Hellions.





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