I May Have a Problem.

People often talk of their yarn stash and how out of control it is, I do not have much yarn, three storage boxes max (you know the ones that fold up so you can store the box when it’s empty), I simply can not buy yarn if I don’t have a project in mind for it, I would love to visit a hand dyer and buy beautiful yarn just for me but I start asking myself “what will I make” and if a project doesn’t present itself I won’t spend the money. It’s not even that I don’t think the yarn is worth the money, more that I want to do the yarn justice and if it’s in my cupboard I’ll rush a project idea and not do my best.

What I do seem to be good at is buying hooks, oh I can feed my hook stash as soon as look at it. I would like to add at this point that I have given three full sets of hooks away over the years (2mm to 12mm) as well as odd hooks here and there, Crochet Widower has made a few bracelets for me with hooks, and I have half a hook on my house keys. It is somewhat of a problem especially since I use the same 4mm hook so much the colour is rubbing off.

You do need different types of hook, this is true, Tunisian crochet needs special hooks



The Orical bought those for me for my birthday, I have made a shawl and a tunic with them so far.



These I bought after snapping the ONE Tunisian hook I had before The Orical bought my lovely interchangeables, I have never used these ones.




THAT is a 4.5mm straight Tunisian hook, I simply can not use it well, I have a problem with straight knitting needles so a straight hook was never going to end well.  Next to it is teh ceremonial hook Crochet Widower made, it was just a sillness for the wedding of Hooker Helena, we all had one and we formed an arch for teh bride and groom to walk under, which turned out to be quite awkward as Helena is very tall indeed.



Ergonomic handles are a life saver for amigurumi, except these ones are cheap and too light and generally feel icky in my hand.



These ones as well are not very nice to crochet with, but they are wonderful of ticking the stray hairs back in to my locks with.



This is what is left after a trip to a yard sale, I feel it is important to point out that we don’t really have yard sales over here and this one was a real novelty, the lady holding the sale was American but the hooks and yarn and patterns and everything belonged to her mother who had (as The Clone says) sadly passed while living over here, her mother had taught knitting and crochet for many years and had amassed quite the stash that would have cost an awful lot to ship over to America, even with the few I have left I like to think that she is happy that her hooks get used.



These are my every day hooks the 2.5mm and 3mm are ergonomic and a life saver, I have snapped about ten hooks making amis over the years and it was getting expensive (I never claimed to be delecate), most used (other than teh 2.5mm) is the purple 4mm hooks, so much so that the colour is indeed rubbing off, Dolly bought the aluminium set for me for my birthday a very long time, again I had just bought a full set, actually my first full set of hooks and she was a little concerned that I would be disappointed that I already had the thing she was gifting me, I think we can do away with that thought once and for all now can’t we.



Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to buy a set of hooks based solely on “ooooh pretty” and I did. They are actually quite nice to work with, I designed the Stephanie using these hooks. The size has rubbed off but then is rubbed off the fancy knit pro interchangeables too so I really do need to buy a hook gauge.

I have been eyeing up some pretty hand turned hooks, one day.




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