I Try to Stay Away From Politics

There is to be a snap election on the 8th of June in the UK, this means I will have to stay away from the internet as much as I can.

You see I do not care who you vote for, you vote for who you think will be best for the country. If you have a reasoned, informative argument for your choice then please shout it from the rooftops. Do not resort to name calling, do not use “well he did it/said this” arguments, do not take sentences/actions out of context to prove your point, this sort of behavior makes you look foolish. If you are presented with irrefutable facts to prove a statement wrong accept it, I do mean facts though, not anecdotes, not what the news paper said, these things should be researched and, if appropriate, challenged.

This is why I will be staying away from the internet, I am (for the most part) a logical, rational kind of person and when I am presented with a person saying opinion based on misinformation is fact I will try to use logic and rational to explain the facts of the situation, this usually results in an insult, generally to do with my reproductive organs and frequency with which I enjoy sex and who with. But I can not help my self, ignorance really gets on my nerves, there is no excuse for ignorance.

Not knowing a thing is the natural state of people, we are born knowing nothing, and we can not know anything until we are told things. The things we do not know grow every day, finding out you do not know everything should not be scary, you should not get defensive when you are told you don’t know a thing, you should try to learn more about the thing you do not know, from impartial sources or at least from both sides of the argument.

That’s it really apart from, I do not care who you vote for, I do care that you vote, in the last election 34% of the UK population did not vote, that 34% could have completely changed the results, “what difference would my vote make?” all the difference in the world.





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