A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

OK, I will admit that I do not care what anyone thinks of me, I do not get all wistful when looking at people lives through a social media filter, for me I am me, my life is good (even when The Hellions are killing each other for three hours because the had to tidy up). But (you knew there would be a but), I do compare my WORK to other people’s, all the time, my photography skills need a lot of work, I can set up a photo for clothing and hats but amigurumi (which is probably the larger share of my patterns) is hard for me, I don’t want to take photos in a light box, I like other people’s photos taken in a light box but I don’t feel it is “me”, see the title of this post, I am wordy, I chat, I, quite frankly, never shut up, so my photos need to tell a story. I tried brown paper, and I liked them until a friend said teh paper was distracting so I tried against the wall in the garden.

See? the brown paper that I loved to much looks looks like a passport photo. Someone else suggested I take the photos at an angle rather than head on, then I got all excited at rainbow Easter chicks in teh supermarket and decided to add props. Such a better photo.

Now, the evolution of theses photos was about a year and a half to two years (I am not being precise for a reason), two years of experimenting with photos, two years of “why do their amis look better than mine?”, I mean I am good, I know I am good (I’m modest too), but I need to take photos that show YOU how hood I actually am if I am to convince folk to but MY patterns rather than the patterns of someone equally good with slightly better photography skills.

“Why were you telling us about your wonderful life Itchy?” OK, I have a couple of friends who are Instagram obsessed, every little moment of their lives seem to be documented, every outing with the kids, every cake, cup of tea, their decor choices, what the cat did last night, that it’s their day off, that they are headed off to work, everything appears to be documented for all to see. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a thing and we are all different, I do not have the dedication to take more than three photos a day (and even that is pushing it) but we are all different. The trouble occurs when you forget that social media is a highlight reel, most folk don’t post about when the kids are STILL killing each other (it has been half an hour since I started typing), they won’t tell you the work it too to get dressed to take that perfectly posed photo of “off for a walk, lol”, most of the time you are seeing a show (I say most because some of us are rubbish at putting on a show and really don’t care).

2017-04-17 11.26.35.jpg

When I have receipts to put in to my spreadsheet I keep them under a piece of Welsh rock on the printer. Sorry about the mess, lol.

2017-04-17 11.25.25

In teh real world I tidied the printer, arranged things to look less cluttered and a bit pretty, I even moved the case of small screwdrivers that seem to have decided to live behind the printer, I would also like to add that I bought a Lego blind bag and got The Red Hood, THE RED HOOD, really, I wanted Fairy Batman.

This is how the world is presented on social media, through filters and preparation, I think the clue is in the word media

the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, that reach or influence people widely” (my bold)

“INFLUENCE people widely”. You know like “what’s hot and what’s not” or ahem… “look at my loverly crochet patterns, if you follow my crochet patterns you too can make cute adorable Inchoate”. When you look through a screen you are doing just that, it is a screen not a mirror or a window, you only see what people chose to show you. You have seen me in my underwear, but I held my stumach in. You have seen my WIPs, but I tell you the photo is bad. You get to see The Hellions in all kinds of funky situations, but you don’t see them killing each other (The Clone has gone out now, but I have to listen to My Little Pony). I show you photos of The DOGta Donna, but only when she looks goofy.

At the start of this post I told you that I do not care what folk think of me, that is really not as true as I like to think now is it, if I am only showing you the good photos of my life, I mean ME, who doesn’t care if some man I don’t know comments “eew no thanks” under a photo of me (at least he said thanks), who just hides his comment to stop their big sister kicking off at him on social media, If I only show you the good photos of me

2017-04-04 11.20.10

New glasses 

(Accidentally AMAZING photo) then what are the self conscious people showing you? Someone who feels your opinion of them matters more than their own opinion of themselves? Someone who can only feel good about their lives when they have 100 likes? Some people do just want to share a photo they happen to have taken that accidentally is amazing, bus some people will spend an hour getting a photo of their dinner to look good, and you don’t know who is who, so don’t compare your life to any ones, you never know how real their’s is.




P.S look at the word count.





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