Why Do Things Take So Long?

Last week was spent retaking the Inchoate photos, so now if you look at all but two sets they no longer look like school photos,


See? School photos.

The Flower Fairies and Winter Season 2 still need taking, well it’s only the wings on the angel for Winter Season 2 (OMWW I’m as bad as Shopkins) because like the sensible and well thinking sort that I am I totally forgot about her wings. The Fairies need remaking as (againĀ sensible and well thinking) when a set was ordered a few weeks ago I decided it would be best just to send the last three out and didn’t get around to making any more and the fairies take ages compared to the others, it’s that hair you know.

Friday was Geek Girls seventh birthday, I am a little bit sad that she has moved on to more grown up things and no longer wanted ALL THE SPIDERMAN, but in true geek girl style she wanted unicorns and creepy stuff this


Saturday was birthday treat day. We went to the cinema to watch Monster Trucks, had lunch on Wigg Island and practiced forward rolls, Geek Girl was doing headstands and flopping on to her back so I attempted to show her what to do and crunched my neck, the right side feels like something was freed up, the left feels like something was trapped, that’ll teach me to be doing forward rolls when 40 and over weight.

I noticed an odd “optical illusion” (well that’s what Crochet Widower says is going on) that the middle section of bridge looks lower than the section on the right


Then it was off to the shops for black lipstick (she looks like the doll now), high-heel shoes, and exploding science kit, paint, and soap from lush. Birthday girl choice of chicken salad for tea, and a very happy Geek Girl.

In crochet news I have a sweater on the go


and just need to find the right yarn, work continues on the Fairy set, and I have a Baby Bear (well it looks more like a mouse) to take photos of for my Etsy store. School ends on Wednesday so I may be missing next week, for now




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