Confusion and Delay

Last week I finally managed to publish the Stephanie Sweater

Stephanie small 1

and can now move on the Inchoate’s summer wardrobe, oh, wait, no I can’t, I have to retake ALL OF THE INCHOATE PHOTOS, you know because I want to have them all teh same, with the brick wall, and maybe some props, ooooh props, yes I want props, look at all the eggs and chicks in the shops, seasonal props would be brill, what does summer say to you? Winter is easy, Halloween is fine, but what about summer, beads shaped like bees, oooh tissue flowers, felt flowers, buttons, FLOWER BUTTONS

Bumble Bee 3

So that took all morning and I am done, I will be replacing the photos on the patterns and all of my selling platforms tomorrow (well today as you read this).

And speaking of selling platforms, if you buy a pattern via the blog you are redirected to Payhip who handle the money and VAT for me. When you buy from Payhip there is an option to post about the pattern on social media you get a 10% discount, well I am going to apply this (sort of) to Etsy and Ravelry, if you leave a review or upload a project I will send you a 10% discount code, you see my reviews and projects do not reflect my sales, they do not even reflect the “I seem to be stuck” emails that all independent designers get (UK/US terms have a lot to answer for), so why don’t people review? I try to, I try extra hard to review handmade items, I must admit I don’t upload projects to Rav a lot but then I don’t really use patterns a lot (but I try to blog about those I do). I mean if you like a product tell the designer/maker/seller, let them know they are appreciated, if it was awful, badly made, or not what you were expecting, tell other people (tell the seller first, really do, they probably didn’t know and will fall over themselves to make it better), let people know YOUR experience with the seller. So 10% off your next order just for saying “Itchy is ace I love her, she uploaded the wrong PDF so I get two patterns and a refund” (that happened you know).

In other news I have a few bits to list on Etsy, there is a Baby Bunny (I might be uploading the pattern for them soon), a Riot Bear (I think it’s teh first of the new design), and an Inchoate, it is this Inchoate that has caused some confusion. OK, the colour name is awesome “parma violet”, so I had to use it, but it turns out it makes different sized Inchoate to teh usual set of colours.


See? that is quite a difference, I have experienced this before so I am not overly concerned, but, how many Inchoate have I made that I could tell before I had finished the head that it was going to be bigger? This is why a you should always do a gauge swatch, just imagine how much bigger a garment would be.


Well I have neglected the laundry and The Hellions think it’s a free pass not to put theirs away if I haven’t folded it by home time, so




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