Dirty Needles

OK, Knitting Needles, I have been knitting. If you are not aware of the different knitting styles they are kind of like the different hook holds, you know knife holders say they do it the right way and pencil gripers say theirs is the only way (then I sit there laughing with my over hand “digging a ditch” style), in knitting there are throwers and pickers, I am a thrower, well, actually that is an understatement, I am still doing the giant from the shoulder throw I did when I was new to knitting at about eight years old, so you know, I can knit, I do knit, I can do cables and everything, but I am slow and it is hard work.

The last time I organised my stash cupboard I could not find my 6mm tips for my (actually MILs) interchangeable and thought maybe they had got lost at The Oricals as she borrowed them to see if they were to her liking for knitting the socks.


Yes they are, she bought her own needles and is now obsessed (I have three pairs all ready). So thinking she may have my needles I asked “They are in a project in your stash cupboard” she tells me, really we don’t call her The Orical for nothing, she’s like an magic 8 ball, that was when I remembered that I had decided to try continental knitting and the tips were in the “cotton” box with some yarn on them. When I retrieved them I decided to get back to learning continental knitting.

You see the big draw (for a hooker) in continental over English knitting is that the yarn is held in your left hand JUST LIKE CROCHET.


Geek Girl’s photography is rather good

As you can see I am all set up for picking, I did have a spot of difficulty at the start as I was twisting my stitches and has to ask the internet what I was doing wrong, it turns out I was trying to crochet so teh needles was going under the yarn rather than the yarn going over the needle so I was technically doing a yarn under, once I had sorted that issue out I was flying, and now have a beautiful gray dishcloth

2017-03-18 15.48.00

Revel in my even tension, OK there is some work to be done before I knit anything other than dishcloths continental but I did it and I can do it again, and it is so much quicker (for me) than trying to throw my yarn over the moon for every stitch.

As I was in a learning mood I decided to put some effort in to drawing people for magazine submissions, my lack of artistic skill is why I don’t send many submissions off, I simply can not draw the finished item and by the time I have made it I may as well self publish, it will also be good to have sketches for the items in the list at least the wearables. I found a wikihow page that is quite helpful  and plan to draw a person everyday this week.

2017-03-17 16.48.06

I think she looks like The Orical, she is sporting the Unnamed Sweater I need to find a victim  model for.

That’s that for today, it’s the Vernal Equinox and I was going to be photographing Stephanie in the Stephanie but as it’s spring it is raining so hard teh rain is bouncing back up ones skirt.
















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