It’s All About Me

It has been a busy few months, with now being on Instagram and getting back in the swing of writing garment patterns (that Inchoate may be cute but it get’s a little demanding with clothes), and I find there are quite a few more than last time I told you about me.


There I am, OK I am not always dressed for Halloween, but I don’t look THAT much different, I have glasses and don’t usually have make up on. I turned 40 in December (oh how I love a round number), I am 5ft 2″ on a good day, I have two children


The Clone, and


Geek Girl. I accidentally got a dog shortly after breaking my elbow falling off my unicycle

2015-09-09 13.15.11

she is truly beautiful, I do blame a bone chip in the brain for saying I’d take her.
I have a Crochet Widower

CritchCloseUp1Finished copy

he is a many man who does manly things (that’s my pipe though, he’s not THAT manly)

But the main point of this blog post is my writing style, I have been told that my style is quite distinctive (Hi Karen) and it occurred to me that you don’t know, you really don’t, unless you have met me you have no clue that that little voice over you get (like on TV when the person who wrote the letter reads it out) when you read my blog posts is actually me, I talk like this all the time. OK in the real world there are also arm movements and leg swings (yes I speak interpretive dance), I may be a little Shatner with my commas and the parenthesis (that’s this bit) actually get spoken in that “as an aside” kind of way.

When I started posting as Itchy I wanted to be sat on a couch with a cup of tea having a chat about crochet and life, I decided that I would just be me, I didn’t want to sound like a business, I wanted to share other folks work, chat about what you are working on (my patterns or not). So my voice didn’t change, my me-ness (is too a thing) was transported through the internet for all to see, this means that sometimes my blog posts are pointless, rambling, boring, or all three, most of the time (I am told) I am quite amusing, I like to think that you sit down on a Tuesday with a cup of tea (must be tea) and chuckle in the middle of your busy day.

Thanks for reading


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