Blessed Silence

The Hellions are back in school, I love them and oh are they funny, Geek Girl was pulling faces at me and dancing like a snake last night

2016-07-15 17.46.39.jpg

Ok it’s an old photo but you get the gist. This morning they were arguing about when World Book Day is and a temper tantrum was had by the one who was wrong. You know, one of those tantrums folk on the inter webs have when you show them the evidence and they just start using CAPS LOCK AND THROWING ANECDOTAL AND DOWNRIGHT FALSE “EVIDENCE” AT YOU that ended with “my school shoes don’t fit”, in case you have concerns they fit just fine.

Last week, between trips out and breaking up fights, I finalized the first size of the (probably) Stephanie sweater.


The (probably) is there as I am awaiting approval of the design by my model before officially naming it after her, being a self employed starving artist I depend on folk swapping modeling skills for clothes.

I am now off to shout at the computer when my maths doesn’t make sense, in the meantime you can have a look at this lovely pattern by Lisa Whiting, it’s the Sifu Soap Sachet & Scrubbie but I only made the scrubbie. It’s a free pattern so amazing value for money, I made it because Stefanie (yes that one) mentioned a flowery pan scrubber and I had to have one. This is another of those patterns where folk will say “but why use a pattern when you can make it up yourself?” well, really why should I when it has already been done in an easy to follow fashion, and this pattern is easy to follow, well written and let my brain get on with other stuff.

2017-01-20 21.56.42.jpg

I made mine with some leftover Simply Recycled  but any yarn will do, though cotton is nice. I do need to make some more, but for now “to the Bat Calculator”



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