Oooo, I Have Been Busy

Last week I went all out, I mean really the manic energy had been building for weeks and last week I exploded. This is not an uncommon thing and if you have been around here for a while you’ll be aware of this and be able to spot it coming on (and hopefully get giddy for the new patterns that show up during the explosion).

I am waiting for the post man to bring my yarn from Turkey so I can get on with The (probably) Steph Sweater



While I waited I made use of my birthday present and took to making myself a shawl.

I used Schmetterwurm by Christina Adorjan

It’s a free pattern and I loved the short row shaping, OK, I say THE short row shaping I love ALL short row shaping and while I have half formed ideas for patterns I haven’t settled on which ideas work best. This pattern is lovely, it took ma a little bit to get the hang of the short rows reading through the pattern but that’s my problem I have only ever knitted short rows before, the explanation was spot on once I came to implementing it. I feel this is a good pattern if you have crocheted for a while but have just started Tunisian Crochet.

I used Rigel By Ice Yarns (I do love that yarn from Turkey) though it seems to be discontinued now. If you do get hold of some it is lovely and soft but not too slippery to work with, AND IT HAS SPARKLES.

I should have used a heavier yarn because I got a scarf rather than a shawl, but it’s an amazing scarf so I shan’t complain.

I also released three new Inchoate patterns


Rose Fairy that The Clone says looks like she flew in to a bush head first (job done)


Vine Fairy who’s a little but Snake Hair Don’t Care (just like me)


And Moss Fairy Geek Girl is learning about perseverance in school and we all know how stubborn moss is (I will not admit to “just like me” on that one)

I have also managed to release the Riot Bear pattern, I have been getting asked for the pattern for a few years now and never seem to get around to it, it was obviously waiting for me to change the head so the snout is all in one, I have the last three stitched on snout bears in my Etsy store but once they are gone I will not be making any more with a separate snout.

I started making the first for sale all in one snout bear with 50g of a 100g ball of yarn that was used  to make a bear a while ago, now tell me how this happens, the new design uses a teeeeny bit less yarn than the original and the original used half of a ball, so how did I run out of yarn half way through the head???


Small balls was suggested (ahem) but that would mean the first bear used LESS than 50g, so it must have been a big ‘un to start with but then all of the other bears have used 50g and I am very confused now. I have put the nearly finished bear in to a bag and moved on to an Inchoate, I will continue using up all of the half balls I have (good grief I am saying balls a lot today), bagging part bears and making a list of required yarn for my next big order.

That’s pretty much it for now.






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