New Year New Me

OK, not really. You see I am rather live in the moment, I never really got the big deal surrounding the numbering of the year, this spreads out to birthdays too, yes I celebrate my birthday but really I am only a day older than I was the day before. So I didn’t post “Happy New Year”s all over FB, I tend to only wish people “Happy birthday” when I see them, and even Mondays are just a day like any other. This leads to new goals when they strike me, celebrating a good day when it happens, bad days are just blips, and every day is New Day New Me.

With that said I have been on holiday for a little bit, it is difficult to blog when The Hellions are off school, so there is a bit of catching up to be done. The Orical bought me a set of Knit Pro Tunisian hooks for my birthday, but you know what they look like so I will show you the socks she made me for Christmas (though I wore them on my birthday)


She called the Orange Hippy and they look smashing with my new boots. As a stroke of luck MIL gave me some money for my birthday, she doesn’t usually do that she likes to buy a thing but is so difficult to buy the right yarn for someone else you know.

The Hellions’s hot water bottles started to perish (I was probably using water that was too hot) so I ordered two new ones in what I thought was the correct size for their animal covers, I was wrong, they are dinky, they are really sweet actually, but they needed covers.


and what a grand job I did too.

The last week has been spent getting to grips with Tunisian crochet, it is odd for sure but not as hard as you would think. Once you are comfortable with working the first half of ALL OF YOUR stitches before even thinking about the second half it is quite intuitive (It did take me five rows to see the pattern repeate mind).


Holding my work did get quite tricky, as I don’t knit often (I did do a teeny amount of knitting but I can’t tell you about that yet) the stitches felt entirely in the way for most of the first half of my project.


So that’s the front all worked up and blocking (I don’t do much blocking so that’s another learning curve). The back won’t take nearly as long as I frogged an awful lot on the front, that is the main downside to Tunisian crochet, once you have worked your first pass  you either have to frog right back to the start or TINK (should that be TEHCORC?). I am having a little trouble reading my work just now, but that could be the lace pattern too. The Hellions are back in school tomorrow so I will have lots more hooking time, once I have finished this project I have a decision to make, I have three patterns that I really want to get out of my head and I don’t know which to start with.

Corner to corner sweater,

Boxy striped sweater,


a scarf I am struggling to describe.

That’s if for me for now





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