The Hellions

I have posted about the differences between The Hellions a couple of times now, but as they get older the differences get more pronounced.

The Clone is a ticking time bomb and will fly in to a dramatic rage about the smallest of things, like “time to tidy up now” or “you can’t go out dinner is ready”.

Geek Girl is totally chill and rarely lets things get to her but when they do she will quietly cry, you have to keep an eye on her or you’ll miss it.


The Clone is confidant, she is an Alpha (see previous statement), school is for socializing and she has lots of friends.

Geek Girl is an academic, school is interesting and amazing, she has a handful of close friends who are also academic.


The Clone is a “hair and makeup” girl, she likes Barbie, Hello Kitty, and all things pink.

Geek Girl is an adventure girl, she likes superheros, Tank Girl, and all things kick ass.


The Clone is dramatic, she will travel via the medium of interpretive dance, sing questions or answers at you, and make grand gestures (knocking over cups in the process).

Geek Girl is well not actually introvert, she is sarcastic and witty, she will read every sign we pass when out and about, she passes notes about how much she loves me/The Clone/Crochet Widow/Spiderman.


The Clone is nine going on nineteen, she is in a rush to grow up.

Geek Girl is six and happy to stay six, she wants to be my baby for ever.


They are both my babies, and they will both be my babies when they are grownup ladies with babies of their own.


They make me take photos ALL THE TIME, Geek Girl is a creepy doll (she did her own makeup), The Clone is… well… The Clone.


But with all of these differences they both enjoy being dogs.

2016-11-28 17.20.38.jpg

and they are both in fits of goggles right now as The Clone drags Geek Girl around the house by her feet.

The Orical could probably read through that list and have a funny deja vu feeling.

Obviously all of the cool stuff they get off me, all of the funny, clever, adorable behaviors, and from my DNA, Crochet Widower is responsible for the leftovers.


TTFN, nine days to my birthday.




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