First World Problems

Oh the troubles I’ve seen, this week anyway.

I needed to have a wardrobe clear out, it was urgent, it was urgent six months ago to be honest. “Oh Itchy, you poor thing you.” I hear you cry sarcastically, but you see it is not the amount of clothes that is the problem, I am not a clothes horse in fact I have been in the same two outfits for about a month because I couldn’t be bothered putting my laundry away, the problem is that most of my clothes are hand made and fit me (body and mind) juuuuust right, some were even made by The Orical. We are talking French seams and hand made binding here people, even the stuff that I don’t like is too nice to get rid of.

The stuff that is not handmade is mostly “special”, my wedding dress, a bridesmaid dress, a leather coat that belonged to The Orical (which neither of us will fit in ever again), and a special dress Dolly bought for me that has a matching toddler dress (somewhere).



Other than over crowding I also wanted to make space for a new arrival, every year I like to have a new outfit for my birthday (it doubles up as a Christmas outfit then) so I need to store it somewhere and it was screwed up in a ball only room in my wardrobe. This brings us to my second problem, I don’t want to make my birthday outfit, it just feels wrong, but the style of clothes I like is rather expensive, 100% cotton or linen, layered, usually grey, floaty, different patterns, you see the problem, I think I have found something but we’ll see.

All of this and then there is my ability to improvise in the kitchen, hint I don’t have an ability to improvise in the kitchen, so when I started making black eyed beam and quinoa burgers and discovered a lack of quinoa I was in deep water, like the bulgur wheat I decided would work just as well, then when the whole thing was too soggy I decided to throw in some vegetarian chicken loaf thing that has been hidden on the top shelf for… erm… YEARS, you see I bought a job lot of the stuff and though it is edible I am not vegetarian so usually just eat chicken. The overall taste of the “burgers” wasn’t bad at all and The Hellions ate more than they have of anything this week, but they were not burgers, what we had was more like a “fry” or slightly lumpier sloppy joes.

THEN I remembered a Ravelry thread from about a million years ago that had a specific name for a item made using knitting AND crochet, you know like knitted front crochet back kind of thing not just edging or embellishments. But can I find the tread? or even the word? no not a hint, I am sure I didn’t make it up, well, as sure as I can be, I am not the most stable of folk, but I am SURE there was a word.

Oh, and the poncho. The Orical knitted me a lovely poncho (actually she knitted one for Dolly  AND one for herself as well) but due to my diminutive stature the neck hole was a little on the big side so I took it in this weekend, but took it in to far and couldn’t get my head in, so I had to unpick my stitching, did you hear that UNPICK MY STITCHING.

2016-10-21 17.47.03.jpg


Fortunately for my woes the week was rounded off with a trip to Crochet Club at Hobby Craft to make a start on some hats and the like for the Big Issue Big Knit with The Wee House Of Crochet. Well there was a small first world problem, I decided to be different and actually knit hats rather than crochet, I cast on 128 stitches and said &*^*&^*&^&* I’d be quicker crocheting.


TTFN when I’ll have news of teh first craft fair of the season.



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