Itchy Crochet

breasts, tatas, the girls, baps, bangers, even moobs, need looking after, they need checking for changes, and lumps, and bumps, useful information here . This is not something to be shy about, this is also not something to be hiding from men, for a couple of reasons

Male significant others

If you have one he probably pays more attention to your waps than you do, I mean you get up, put on a bra, and get on with your day (if the bra fits properly) without giving your jugs a second thought. If your love interest is a man he will look at them, make an excuse to touch them (“ooops, sorry I thought it was your hand”), and this is before we get to anything too adult for my young tender mind. He’ll notice anything new before you, and will also know that actually you HAVE had that mole…

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