I Don’t Live In The Real World

Most of you will know that I watch a lot of TV, like my whole work day is spent watching TV unless I am tech editing. Most of what I watch involves aliens or mythical creatures, there is a very good reason for this,  THE REAL WORLD IS FULL OF MORONS.

I am not talking uneducated or uninformed people here, you can’t know something until you know it, I mean willfully nasty, vicious folk. A while back I watched Making A Murdered on the recommendation of The Orical and regretted it, no matter if you or I think Steven Avery is guilty the who matter was handled badly from start to finish. One of two things happened, an innocent man was convicted due to prejudice and miss handling of things or a guilty man could be set free due to lack of proper procedure. I vowed to maintain my “no real life” rule no matter what I am told to watch.

The Pet Photographer recommended Designated Survivor last week and since I have finished the first series of Glitch (dead coming back to life, all safe there)  I thought I would give it a go, I was assured the Kiefer was not at all Jack Bower in it. I am now two episodes in and am so angry I was crying at the telly, real snot and sobs crying, there is planted evidence, racial profiling, and an upset child.

I do not like the real world, at least in sci-fi we are mostly taught tolerance and acceptance. I don’t know how long I will be watching Designated Survivor for, it’s only hope is teh president vampire that killed and brought his friends back to life and his speech  writer who was a doctor but died and changed career when he came back to life.





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