I know you are accustomed to a review on Wednesdays but I have not used a pattern other than my own for a while and would like some shameless self promotion. As you probably know by now I love Halloween and all things dress up, I know as an adult I am supposed to say cos play but frankly when I am doing it I am playing dress up so 😛

I am currently finishing off the Inchoate Halloween hoodies for this year but would like to remind you of my past endeavors and introduce the Ebook.


Here is a little werewolf, he can be made with or without clothes, I recommend using a good stiff brush to brush his nude bits to make him fluffy. He is £3 for the buy it now option and more details have a look at his very own blog page.





Look he only has one arm and a squiffy head, you could make him in flesh tones but I thing rotting green works best, he has a page all to himself as well with all the important info on. He is also £3.



This witch is a WICKED witch because her face is green, but as I tell The Hellions WICKEY witches tend to be people coloured, recycle, and look after the planet. Here blog page is here and she costs… you guessed it £3.





Bats wings are actually hands you know, they have fingers that support the wing membrane, OK that is probably over simplifying things but this bat’s wings have some fancy stitching to look like the fingers, with a photo tutorial included in the pattern, all for £3, here.



You can but them all here for £9, which adds up to 4 for 3.


So go on, have some fun.




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