The Cool Girl

You know that cool girl* you see on your way to work/school every day? Maybe she works in the same building as you, or you are at the same school. You know the one, she has the hair style you really want but are not quite sure you can pull it off, her clothes are always perfectly matched and maybe a little quirky, she always looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world, ye her, she has a secret. It’s the worst kept secret in the world but there are still so many people who don’t know it, you see I am that girl, and so are you.

OK, you don’t believe me, I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t either but I got proof a long time ago. When I was in high school, about 14 or 15 years old, I was somewhat odd (I still am to be honest) I was happy being odd, I was me and I didn’t care if folk liked it or not. At the time of this story I had wraps and plats in my hair, an ankle length uniform skirt, ex-army boots with red laces, and more bangles that was sane (I am now showing my age a bit), in short I look AMAZING, though shortly after this story I was close to expulsion due to my aperance but that is a story for another day. One day I while I was waiting around the corner from my next class avoiding the “A Group” or “Mean Girls” (I was cool not delusional) when I hear them talking about me, again, well the only thing worse than being talked about is being ignored after a couple of the usual “why is she so weird?”s I hear, from the head mean girl, “I wish I had the guts to dress like Amanda”. As much as I really didn’t care about the opinions of the mean girls hearing that solidified in my mind that we are all that cool girl.

Now, on a professional level I have never been that confidant, after all how I dress and style my hair only really affects me, but professionally I have to care about what you think, really care, if I offer a pattern for sale and I am the only person that can understand it I will not be selling many patterns. Professionally I am in awe of the cool kids, though I know the cool kids like me and that I am probably one of the cool kids, these cool kids probably don’t know they are the cool kids so I am going to tell you about them but I will not tell THEM that I did so they can have fun wondering where all the new visitors came from.

In no particular order

Elvira Jane

like OMG, her sculptural crochet is amaze balls, I have been in love with her work for ages and she has recently started publishing patterns, I reviewed her top hat fascinator pattern a couple of months back.

2016-05-25 17.47.09.jpg


Mad Crochet Lab

OK, she’s mad as a box of frogs, and that’s how I like them, she has CALs, and makes Crotoons, and I really wish she didn’t live in America so I can visit her and be mad with her.

Geoffrey & Flop

Blankets, oh how Becca makes blankets, I really don’t know how she does it, big projects drive me mad and I really don’t need the help.

So pop over and say hello to the cool kids, but remember, someone looks at you and thinks “I wish I could be like her”






*I am only saying girl because I AM a girl, it could be a boy.

**Disclaimer the featured image is a face in the hole not actually me, just my face**


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