Yarn Bin Review

OK, in the interest of full disclosure I will say I was sent a free Yarn Bin to review, in the interest of knowing me if I didn’t like it I’d tell you.

RRP £30 but currently on sale for £21.99 over at Amazon

Now, I have had yarn bins before and was not converted, I like a center pull and sometimes you get a lump pull out and with the yarn bin that lump gets stuck behind the little hole. This bin is different, you see it has a slit connecting two holes together, because it is a slit it doesn’t allow the strand free movement but if you get a lump it can pass through the lit so you can untangle things with out opening the whole bag up.

I like the arrangement of the pockets, the bottom left three are lovely sizes for hooks with each one being a slightly different size for different sized hooks. I would have liked a pocket inside or maybe a zip-able pocket outside as I tend to throw things around a bit when cleaning,, that that’s just a personal preference.

Speaking of cleaning, this bag kept all of my yarn and the hook I was using in one place while I moved furniture around and generally turned my corner upside down.

It is a good size and holds my current 800g of mohair a treat. I took it on holiday last week to give it a run for it’s money and it sat in the foot well of teh car a treat while I crocheted squares for the blanket.

All in all this is the best yarn bin I have seen and highly recommend it, especially for those who travel a lot with their crocheting.




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