What We Did On Our Holidays

Last week we were at Greythwait. I was very naughty and took The Hellions out of school during term time, I may or may not get a fine for this but as the min purpose of this holiday was to spend time with extended family there was not much choice, and it WAS at the very end of term (OK they have three days left in school before a short summer holiday). The house was lovely (if a tad warm), we had local sheep which I did not forage wool off (due to not knowing the laws on such things), and we had a ghost, a lovely little geeky ghost, just look at the photo (OK it was Geek Girl, but she thought it was hilarious).


We were on holiday With Dolly, Billy, The Orical, The BFG, Sweet Williams, Ginger Friend, and Margo (the shop dog). Now, every time Dolly or Billy visit they tell me how small DOGta Donna is but I pay no attention, yes she is small for a boxer but she is still not THAT small. Well Margo is part mastif, so she is rather large, but is still willing to be hugged and kissed by The Hellions as much as DOGta Donna is.


The weather was glorious for the week with one morning of rain and thunder better than we get at home so that was fun. We went to Old Hall Farm and looked at the pigs (I have a large soft spot for pigs), rode a pony and trap, stroked a donkey, saw a shire horse turning the hay (Is it hay while it’s still wet?), rode tractors, race go carts, and ate ice-cream.


We had a lovely walk around Ford Park where we saw yarn bombing (always a plus to any holiday) and managed to be there on the day of a car boos sale.

On the rainy day we went to The World Of Beatrix Potter, As you can see we had a lovely time but The Hellions are incapable of taking a good photo together, at least Beatrix stood nicely.


and after that we went to Cocobean in Hawkshead, a make your own chocolate factory so enough said really.

We also went to the Museum Of Lakeland Life and Industry but didn’t take any photos, sorry.

Now, as wonderful as our holiday was I had issue with the lack of mobile internet and phone signal, not because of any reason you may be thinking, Crochet Widower’s sat nav (which he rarely uses) was useless, it sent us UP A GOAT TRACK, there were more sheep on the road than cars, and a sign that said “not recommended” in a very authoritative font. OK, I hold my hands up, I am an appalling passenger, I am a total control freak, I can not handle not having the steering wheel (I did have driving lessons but we don’t talk about how THAT went). The goat track was tarmacked so I suppose it counts as a road but I am from Cheshire, I like to see the horizon, I do not like to see steep drops.

2016-07-18 15.58.01

The photo does not show the DROP, the road was barely the width of the car, and there were clouds hanging off the hill. Needless to say The Family found it hilarious that I had had a white knuckle ride.

After a lovely holiday it was nice to head home, and just to help the journey before we had even left the Lakes we saw a sign for home.

2016-07-22 10.59.31

Yep, a truck from home, on IT’S way home too (I assume). I had hoped to complete the blanket while I was away but the lack of oxygen at such high altitude made me rather sleepy (that’s my story and I am sticking to it) so I shall aim for Wednesday for the blanket as that is The Hellions’ last day in school for four weeks (really short holidays), over the holidays I will be attempting to chart out some of my patterns (I think I’ll start with Inchoate) and I have a simple but large pattern to make a start on.






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