I think It’s A Silly Idea

Wearing a safety pin that is, don’t panic not me, I think it’s a great idea and the only way my safety pin could be bigger is if it was a kilt pin, but I have seen a lot of comments on posts about wearing them saying that we shouldn’t have to show that we are not racist or that we are asking for the racists to start on us too or that the racists will just wear them as a ruse.

Firstly let me explain what a safety pin (in this instance) is for, if you know skip to the next paragraph. Currently in Britain there has been somewhat of an escalation on racially motivated crime as a certain group of society think that voting to leave the EU was a vote for hating anyone not born in the UK or that looks like they were not born in the UK  and that they can now verbally abuse, physically abuse, or destroy property belonging to a non native Brit. The safety pin is to show that you are safe (get it), you will not launch in to a racist tirade at the mere hint of a non British accent, or at someone who looks like they might have non British roots (even if they were born ten miles down the road and don’t even have a passport never mind come from a different country). I for one think all of that is wrong, we are people, all of us, our spleens all look the same.
Let me address the well meaning objections as I see it

we shouldn’t have to show that we are not racist

Quite right, we shouldn’t, but the sad truth is there are a lot of racists out there and they look  like normal people right up to the point they don’t and if you have had a bad day, and been insulted on the bus, spat at in the street, or refused service in a shop JUST because of where you were born then it must be nice and comforting to know that even 1 person, just 1 is willing to stand by you, just 1 person sees you as a person.


we are asking for the racists to start on us too

Maybe, but probably they won’t, you see these people are bullies, picking on anyone perceived as foreign under the belief that they are alone and vulnerable, when I am shopping or on teh school run I am in close proximity to other people of the same skin tone as me with similar accents, it is easier for me to find help should I need it and this scares the bully, what if ten other people are on my side? what happens if the bully is in the minority? argh run.


the racists will just wear them as a ruse

I could be wrong here, but again we are talking bullies and in my experience (and I have plenty) bullies don’t think that long and hard about these things, they  are not thinking, clearly or they would not be bullies, so I really do not think they will be running around luring folk in to a false sense of security.


Today I was thanked for wearing my safety pin, a small shiny pin attached to my pocket (so it is not hidden by my jewelry) made a lady feel accepted, cared about, wanted, and safe, that is all the argument I need to wear a safety pin. I have felt alone, and unsafe in the past simply because of the way I dress, clothes can be changed, clothes are a choice, I can not imagine just how bad it must feel to feel in physical danger simply because of where you, or even your parents or grandparents, were born.

Lastly I am not saying you MUST wear a safety pin, you can do what you like, but please don’t question the value of such a small gesture, it’s teh small things that can make a big difference.


TTFN and stay safe




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