The Twilight zone

Today I will be packing and posting Inchoate kits and making necklaces. I am in a sort of Twilight zone with my crocheting, I have a pattern I want to write but haven’t decided on yarn yet, I have the Neurosis parasol pattern to publish but have a couple of finishing touches to do in editing.


I need to phone the doctors for some test results (only the thyroid nothing new or interesting) but they only give out test results after two and by then I can’t brain so keep forgetting, though getting the results and upping my meds would probably fix that.

I have about a million sewing projects I would like to start but can’t decide on which one, I have research to do to make sure some different sewing projects are easy enough (anything is doable).

And it’s overcast and muggy out there, that makes the world seem odd and unreal, but then I have had problems in June for the last nine years. You see I had problems when The Clone was born, I ended up having an emergency C-section and lost a lot of blood, but that wasn’t really a problem, we were both fine in the end and other than being trapped in the hospital for days all was good. But The Clone was born in a thunderstorm and it rained for months (well at least that’s how it felt) and I remember standing at the back door smoking (way back when I still smoked) after middle of the night feeds, looking at the rain thinking about a horror film I had watched where it rained all the time because the main character was dead and apparently it rains when you are dead and in denial wondering if I had actually dies and was imagining everything (oooh, morbid, sorry), I suppose what I am saying is that June (mostly the June weather) makes me feel all surreal and unfocused, but I will be back to normal in a week or two, and since that was rather dark and “oooooooh” ey, have a picture of The Hellions

Geek Girl on her way to ComicCon as six year old Harley Quinn, and The Clone on musical icon day at school as Cyndi Lauper. I might feel off in June but The Hellions are on form.




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