Starlight Walk, The Aftermath.

Friday night/Saturday morning, along with some friends (and lots of strangers), I walked 13 miles. We started walking at midnight and I got in bed at five thirty. This year was one of only two years that it didn’t rain, I even have the unopened poncho to prove it.


My T-shirt, walk number, medel, and unopened poncho

This sponsored walk is to help raise funds for St Rocco’s Hospice, an important local charity. Now, I have mentioned this before but didn’t want to go in to personal details as St Rocco’s was there for my friend and her husband when he lost his fight against cancer but I have been given permission to tell you about it (in my special way).

I suppose I should start with his name, in the real world my friend’s husband was called Colin, but in my world he was Coling, you see there is a local speech pattern that basically drops the G off any ING word such as “walkin”, “talkin”, and “Colin”. So, Coling, I think he looked like Duke Crocker from Haven, I thought this so hard and for so long I knitted, yes, KNITTED him a cardigan to match the image


also, look at that beard, that beard was the subject of many a drunken grope. Really it was an amazing beard and Coling would sit patiently while I stroked him like a rabbit, this drunken ginger tolerance may have had something to do with Coling’s childlike nature, he loved Christmas, Disney, Lego, Star Wars, all of the “just for the joy of it” things in life, though managing to leave his new wife at a service station on the way home from their honeymoon (at least I think it was their honeymoon) because of the amount of bags on the back of his motorbike might have been a clue to forgo the pure joy of a motorbike, just now and again.

This child like nature lead to X-box parties, you know the games controlled by your movements, yeeee, now, I have never been known for my coordination, you know how seven year olds seem to be mostly made of elbows? that, I never did grow out of that, so there I am really not planning on breaking the room by taking part in the games but it was quite impossible to refuse Coling. Yes there are photos somewhere, no I will not be sharing them. Even when he got ill, even when it became apparent that nothing more could be done, Coling (and Helena) kept that childlike spirit, the celebrated Christmas three times (it may have been four), Lego was built, all kinds of Lego, Star Wars Lego, fairground Lego, ALL THE LEGO.


This is where St Rocco’s comes in, Coling was not getting better, the fight was over, he did not need medical, he needed care, and love, and peace, and THIS is what St Rocco’s does, all day, everyday, they help give peace, love, and rest to people at the end of their journey, they give rest and calm to people whose loved ones  will soon be leaving them. St Rocco’s is mostly funded by voluntary contributions and events like The Starlight Walk, and it is with this in mind I am asking if you would sponsor me (while there is still time) by clicking this link, or, if you are not keen on using your bank details texting STAR003 to 70070 to donate £3, if you are not a fan of getting nothing for something I have written I pattern for a Rook that is on the blog for free with the option of donating to St Rocco’s on the page.

Thank you for reading this and for any donation/sponsorship you can give. If you would like to see photos of the night there are some here on the local newspaper website (I have looked closely to ensure there are none of me)



7 thoughts on “Starlight Walk, The Aftermath.

    • The first year I did it we crocheted granny squares while we walked, that is not easy with plastic ponchos sticking to your hands in the rain. I was rather impressed with how well my feet handled it this year as I am rather out of shape these days.

      Thank you for your donation as well. XXXX

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