Tunisian Crochet

I planned on getting busy with Inchoate kits once I had finished the parasol pattern I was working on but needed a “busy hands” project for when I was relaxing, I decided it was about time I learned how to Tunisian crochet.

I used the instructions on Crochet.About.com to get me going, and sxcitingly I made dishcloths


this here is the truly marvelous Tunisian Simple Stitch, it does what it says on the tin. It’s easy enough to understand but I found getting in the a rhythm really hard because of all the stitches lined up on my hook, this is the same reason I never got as good at knitting as I did at crochet.

That said I wouldn’t be me unless I had plans to learn all the stitches, so next up was Tunisian Knit stitch


also quite self explanatory, yep it looks knitted. There was quite some confusion following the first set of instruction I found but Crochet.About.com   sorted me out and things went as well as can be expected what with all those stitches lined up like they do.

Then I tried Tunisian Purl Stitch and snapped my hook, so now I am waiting for a new hook to arrive (OK I MAY have ordered a set) before I can make anymore dishcloths, all in all I am willing to try to get better at Tunisian crochet but I can’t see me designing anything anytime soon.





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