A New Adventure Awaits.

The kids are back in school tomorrow (well today for you but I am typing on Sunday) so most of Monday will be spent on housework there was no point in doing while they were off, but then I will be organising Inchoate kits and might even get some listed on Etsy. This is rather exciting for me, you see patterns sell quite well (for a niche market) but I find finished items really don’t sell at all. Kits are somewhere in the middle, you get the pattern, hooks, darning needle, eyes, and just enough yarn, and there is the point. It is the curse of the amigurumi crocheter that they have a stash of mostly full balls of yarn, but only one of each colour,

WM Inchoeat


a naked Inchoate uses just under 150m of yarn and the yarn I recommend (Stylecraft Special) has just over 295m per 100g ball, which is juuuust right if you want to make 2, but if you only want to make 1 then you have half a ball of yarn in your stash.

Bumble bee 1

Then you have hoodies, the bumble bee needs 50m of black, 13m of yellow, and 8m of white, that is not much in the grand scheme of a skein of yarn. The not quite full balls of yarn build up.

Buy a kit and your stash storage can be saved for important things, like the Noro you have no project for but simply could not leave on the shelf for that price, because you will get the correct amount of yarn for your project.

The kits will have the yarn and notions for an Inchoate and 1 hoodie, I am thinking of doing season sets as well so once you have your Inchoate you can buy all three hoodie patterns and yarn. So that is my week, measuring, caking, photographing, and listing Inchoate kits so you don’t have to.




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