What do you see?

OK, I am writing this with a bit of a headache brewing, there is a thwump-ing pump sound that just starts around here in teh warmer months and seems to have started earlier in the day than usual, I have not one clue what it is but I know it is annoying.

Any way. This week has been school holidays (and we have another week to go). I tend to be a very passive parent, I don’t make grand plans, or fill the house with craft equipment (I have learned the hard way on this one), or generally anticipate moving much, The Hellions like to play out with their friends as we are lucky enough to live on a short quiet street with a few kids about the same age. Crochet Widower did take them on a train to Chester one day

and they even went on a tour bus, this was by way of compensation for running off to Oulton Park for a weekend of booze and motor racing. Another day they were at Dolly’s for Summer Sewing Camp, so it was a much busier week (for them) than would usually happen, this did not however deter from water baloon fights, den building (with chairs and blankets), a spot of sun burn (on Crochet Widower’s watch), getting the bus to town (we usually walk as it’s only ten min away), and bubbles.


There have also been long and sometimes surreal conversations. One of which I need to tell the world about. The Clone said “I wish I was pretty”, I mean really? just look at that face

2016-03-11 16.34.11

and sense of style to be fair. Having to explain to my (nearly) 9 year old that she is pretty made me think (this is not going where you think it is), I mean, how many of us regularly look in the mirror and think “phwor, I am hotness itself”, not very often, even I don’t think it EVERY day. With this in mind an empty “yes you are” simply won’t do, also I want The Hellions to be self sufficient with compliments (like I am), see the problem is not that The Clone is an unattractive child (though I don’t think I have met a child that was), I think it is a case of “familiarity breeds contempt”, every day (usually more than once) The Clone looks in the mirror and sees the same face, well it has been changing for 9 years but you don’t see the change when you look at it every day, and that is the problem. We all have that one thing (dress, project, painting, ornament, what have you) that is amazeballs, all the awesome when we first go it but then as time went in it’s appeal faded, the thing hadn’t changed but we were so used to it it stopped being special, well that is what happens with our face. But you know what, show that special thing to a friend and THEY will see all the special-ness with new, fresh eyes.

I did not expect to need to explain this to a 9 year old, but I should not have been surprised, The Clone is obsessed with “what will people think?”. This is not something I am used to as I genuinely couldn’t care less about people’s opinion of me personally (work wise I am soooo neurotic). With all of that explaining, and adult conversation done and over we drew Butterfly tattoos on our feet and all was right with the world once again.


Lucky for me Geek Girl is all about being cool (and it’s her opinion that counts)

2016-05-28 10.04.05

and being a superhero and kicking folk in the… em… fork.





4 thoughts on “What do you see?

    • SHe has developed a new move involving leaping in to a forward roll that flows in to standing with knees bent with jazz hands, things are getting rather complex these days.


  1. Dehydration! Drink plenty of water!!! The clone will be fine! both of your kids are cool-a-rama! (Just like I am….I do it in the form of making up words!) xx Hugs to all xx

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    • Crochet Widower hears it too, it’s a pump of some description, I think it’s near the apple tree.

      Obviously she will, but I thought I had another 4 years.

      And ALL words were made up once, amazeballs. šŸ˜‰


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