You Know What Gets On My….

“Crochet”, you know the stuff. A couple of weeks ago I was in a supermarket and saw a sign in the clothing section



I regret not taking a photo now, both of the sign and the clothes. You see there were about ten items in that section, two of which were knitted and the other eight or so were machine lace



Like this

Now, it’s pretty and all but it is made on a machine (lets not talk about sweatshops just now) NOT hand made in any way, and you all know by now that they haven’t invented a crochet machine yet.


I then heard a mum at school talking about her new dress with “…crochet all down the back, only £20”, I think you will all be proud that I did not slap her and scream “Then it’s not crochet”. But you see this is a big problem, crotchet equals handmade, which equals time to make, that in turn equals money, and all adds up to crochet is a status symbol. I mean


2016-03-15 12.23.08

Even if it’s not your taste

This shawl (based on the Brodie  shawl) but made in 4 ply and took four weeks to make (OK eventually after being sent to the bag of shame for quite some time), this was a gift for a friend, I was more than happy to to spend the time on her (eventually) because I know it is appreciated. If I was to sell this shawl for a living wage I would need to charge £1,000 (ish). To make a similar shawl by machine would probably take two hours (OK real stab in the dark there as I have no idea how long machine knitting takes never mind machine lace), a living wage price would  be about £20.

Now I do not have a problem with the machine made shawl (notice I am pricing at a living wage) by all means buy it, wear it, love it, cherish it, it would be a beautiful accompaniment and man an outfit.  But don’t call it crochet, there are people out there creating beautiful items with hook and yarn trying to make a living and being told “I could get one just like it for £5” and being so disheartened that they quit and who know what they could have accomplished next week when the person that appreciates crochet as a status symbol  sees their work and falls in love.





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